Rob Coles

So who the hell am I?

First and foremost I'm a strength athlete and I love to train. 

I've been a coach for the past 10 years and my passion is lifting and training properly. I've competed in powerlifting and olympic weightlifting over the years and continue to be a pupil of the pursuit of strength and athletic performance. 

For 5 years I headed up the programming and rehab for one of the biggest privately owned gyms in London. I really cut my teeth here with regards to coaching, in those 5 years I delivered over 15000 hours of training. This is experience you just can't buy and I developed many skills with regards to understanding how people move and how best to achieve results. 

From there I moved across London to Performance Rx under the tutelage of Joel Proskewitz, who in my opinion is one of the best coaches in the world. Here I really refined my skills and understanding of injury mechanisms and how to load the body correctly and safely. As a director of Backfitpro, Dr. Stuart McGills company its safe to say Joel seriously knows his stuff and gave me a unique perspective with regards to training helped to form my views on all things training related. 

My goal is to help educate people as to how to train properly to get the best results without breaking down their bodies. I created this website to help provide people with the very best programming information so they can achieve their goals optimally.