The Prowler: Learn To Push Through

To the untrained eye a prowler looks relatively innocent sat there at the end of the track waiting to be pushed but innocent it is not. In my opinion its one of the most powerful pieces of equipment any gym can own and one of your best weapons in helping to make people both move better and stronger.


Who is it for?

In short, everyone. That is one of the prowlers most redeeming features, everyone can and should use it. It is great for teaching you to be stable and creating tension. By locking in a good torso position and learning to move through the legs and hips it has a great carry over to pretty much every movement. I have found it a great tool when training young athletes as it is amazing at teaching total body tension and have seen it improve this in all other movements. Combine that with the fact that it is one of the least technical exercises out there and you have yourself a great tool.


What does it work?

In short, everything. Pushing a heavy prowler requires you to use pretty much every muscle in the body to pull its weight. Your legs are obviously providing the driving force but your core has to remain rigid and your shoulders stable if that things going to move, making it a great addition to any strength training program.



Now you can't talk about the prowler without mentioning conditioning as this is probably what the prowler is best known for. The modern conception of conditioning, with the emergence of Crossfit and the like, is a skewed and risky one. The prowler, in my opinion, is a far superior option. When it comes to conditioning its fair to assume there are going to be high levels of fatigue, or at least there should be. For me this isn't the time or place to start tackling technical exercises but rather be able to get your head down and work. The prowler does just that, its hard and i mean brutally hard but yet gives you more just the urge to throw up. It give you all the points I mentioned above, this conditioning tool will actually make you stronger in both body and mind. It's certainly not for the faint hearted but its most definitely worth it.

All in all, you may not like it but you need the prowler in your life so get your head down and learn to push through.