Podcast EP:1

S.A.S Performance Podcast: Nate Harvey

Nate Harvey.jpg

I first came across Nate when I heard his podcast a few years back with the Elitefts Sports Performance Podcast. Nate has an extensive background in strength & conditioning as well as being a freakishly strong dude himself. 

Nate is a true student of strength, incredibly open minded to anything that might make his athletes and himself stronger.

A true believer in the conjugate system for not only powerlifters but athletes as well and that was the topic for discussion for this podcast. We talk all things strength and organisation of training. 

A must listen for anyone who is looking to improve strength and athleticism. 

Follow Nate on Instagram at @nateharvey2006 and @sunyubstrong - He puts out some great content. 

I hope you enjoy this episode.