The deadlift is a basic strength exercise that is great at developing the posterior chain.




Take a grip just outside shoulder width and lower your hips down whilst pulling your chest up. Shoulders should be slightly ahead of the bar, weight to the front of the foot and bar pulled back into the shin. To initiate the lift, take a breath in and engage everything in the trunk. Keep tension throughout. Push hard into the floor with your legs, the weight should slightly back towards the heels as the bar leaves the floor. The same back angle should be maintained until the bar reaches mid thigh. At this point, finish the lift by fully engaging the glutes and quads and extending at the hip and knee until in an upright position and arms at full length. On completion of the lift the shoulders should be slightly behind the bar with the weight firmly through the heels and the abs engaged. Reverse the movement and control the bar back to the floor for the next lift.




The deadlift is a great strength builder for the posterior chain as well as the trunk. It should be a mainstay in anyone’s program whose goal is strength. With regards to the clean the deadlift can be used for strengthening positions and balance throughout the pull.




When programming the deadlift 1-5 reps are most commonly used. Particular attention must be placed on form and weights should not exceed that of which good form can be maintained.