FFE (Front Foot Elevated) Split Squat

As the name implies this exercise is performed with the front foot slightly elevated. This takes some of the mobility demands for this exercise away allowing you to focus on technique. Can be loaded with DB’s or a BB when technique is good.




With DB’s down by your side or a bar placed behind the neck set yourself with your chest up, shoulders pulled back and abs engaged. Place one foot onto a platform in front of you so that you are in a split stance. With a slight bend in the back leg and pushed high onto the tip-toe ensure you are squeeze the glute as hard as you can to set the pelvis to neutral. From here, keeping the weight through the heel of the front foot, push yourself both forward and down so that your glute of the front leg reaches the heel of the front foot. Make sure you keep the hips squared off and you rear glute engaged, you should feel a big stretch along the front of the trailing leg. From the bottom position push yourself both back and up ensuring to initiate the movement with the heel of the front foot and pulling yourself back the start position.




As with any unilateral leg exercise the FFE split squat is used to develop balance through the hips and is also phase 2 of my single leg progressions when teaching single leg work. It encourages dynamic stability of the glutes and lower abs to maintain pelvic alignment through movement as well as targeting both the VMO and glute muscles.




When used as a teaching progression higher reps (8-20) and lighter loads are used. For strength purposes reps between 5-10 work best.