Good Morning

The good morning is amazing exercise for strengthening the back, glutes and hamstrings.




Place the bar behind the neck, much like a back squat. Foot width can vary from very wide to target the hips more or narrow to hit the hamstrings more.  Once your feet are set pull the bar into the back to engage the lats and then brace hard with the abs to fix the midsection. From here unlock the knees so that there is a slight bend in them and hinge at the hip. Pushing the hips back whilst being conscious not to let the arch in the back or the abs soften. Once full range is reached reverse the movement ensuring you drive the shoulders into the bar on the way up.




The good morning works the back isometrically, strengthening the ability to maintain a strong arch whilst placing a lot of load onto the hamstrings and glutes. The good morning has a good carry over to the Olympic lifts, squats and deadlifts. Due to bar being on the back and therefore creating a longer lever length the good morning is a great for strengthening the spinal erectors.




Can be used with reps in the range of 3-10. Weights don’t have to be extremely heavy with more focus placed on posture and maintaining a strong arch and core throughout the lift.