Podium Deadlifts

The same as the deadlift but the addition of a podium increases the range of motion.




The podium deadlift is identical to the standard deadlift but with the addition of a podium. Standing on a podium and with your grip just outside shoulders, pull yourself into your starting position (make sure you can achieve a straight back before lifting. If not then you need to work on mobility). Shoulders should be slightly ahead of the bar, weight to the front of the foot and bar pulled back into the shins. To initiate the lift, take a breath in and engage everything in the trunk. Keep tension throughout. Push hard into the floor with your legs, the weight should slightly back towards the heels as the bar leaves the floor. The same back angle should be maintained until the bar reaches mid thigh with a focus of keeping the chest up. At this point, finish the lift by fully engaging the glutes and quads and extending at the hip and knee until in an upright position and arms at full length. On completion of the lift the shoulders should be slightly behind the bar with the weight firmly through the heels and the abs engaged. Reverse the movement and control the bar back to the floor for the next lift.




The use of a podium places more load onto the legs and teaches you to use the legs at the start of a deadlift. The height of the podium can vary depending on your height, mobility or desired difficulty of the lift. The height of the podium should not exceed that of which you can maintain good form at the bottom of the lift.




Generally speaking reps of 2-6 are most commonly used, depending on phase of the program. If being used to strengthen posture and positions then slower eccentrics can be employed to place more focus on the posterior chain.