Reverse Lunge

The reverse lunge is a dynamic single leg variation.  It places slightly less load onto the knees and more onto the hips. Can be loaded with either DB’s or BB




With DB’s down by your side or a bar placed behind the neck set yourself with your chest up, shoulders pulled back, abs engaged and feet shoulder width apart. From here step back and down in one movement until your rear knee touches the floor. Ensure your weight remains through the heel of the front foot and your chest in an upright position throughout. Once full range of motion is achieved push hard with the front foot the power you back up to the start position ready for the next rep.




As with any unilateral leg exercise the reverse lunge is used to develop balance through the hips. It encourages dynamic stability of the glutes and lower abs to maintain pelvic alignment through whilst taking a little pressure off of the knees.




When used as a teaching progression higher reps (8-20) and lighter loads are used. For strength purposes reps between 5-10 work best.