EP.4: Serious About Strength Performance Podcast w/ Phil Richards

So Phil Richards was my first real mentor in the industry. I still remember the week long internship I did with him almost 10 years ago on a cold rugby pitch in Wales. He absolutely killed me and in doing so opened up my eyes to what it means to really train. 

Having gone from being the U.K's first professional strength coach to working with the very best in professional sports to opening up his own nutritional supplementation company. He's done a lot. So it was an absolute privilege to have Phil on the this episode where we cover all things performance nutrition, Ketogenic diet and his research into Intermittent Fasting. This show was an absolute blast to do as it's never dull when Phil's involved. 

I hope you enjoy this episode

Stay strong



Ep.3: Serious About Strength Performance Podcast w/ Jason Brown of Box Programming

In today podcast we talk all things Conjugate System with Jason Brown. 

Jason is the owner of Box Programming who are responsible for taking over the programming of Crossfit boxes around the world with amazing results. 

We talk about his experiences utilising the conjugate system for Crossfit as well as other training topics. 

This episode is filled with some absolute gems and you'll need your notepad ready. 




EP.2: Serious About Strength Performance Podcast w/ Joel Proskewitz

Today we have my good friend and mentor, Joel Proskewitz, on talking all things training and rehab. 

Joel has one of the greatest minds in the industry and as an international lecturer of his own accord as well as being a head lecturer for Dr. Stuart McGills it's safe to say Joel knows his stuff. 

Sit back and take notes guys as this ones a gem