EP.13: Scott Umberger - Training Youth Athletes

In this episode I had the privilege of sitting down and talking shop with Scott Umberger of Umberger Performance in Pittsburgh PA.

Scott’s coaching influences started while interning with Buddy Morris at the University of Pittsburgh. He also worked as an assistant strength and conditioning coach with Todd Hamer at Robert Morris University after competing as a two-sport athlete for the Colonials (football and track). Scott has dedicated an enormous amount of time and effort researching the best possible methods to improve athlete performance. By integrating training methodologies from Charlie Francis on speed and programming and from Louie Simmons on strength, and tying them together with the help of James Smith on Soviet sport science, Scott has truly created a scientific approach to training athletes.

In this episode we get into some great topics and some very relevant issues in the world of yotuh sports.

This is truly great episode packed full of knowledge.

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I hope you enjoy it

Stay Strong