EP.9: Ashley Jones - Training For Elite Level Rugby

Todays episode features Ashley Jones. Ashley has been a long time servant to our industry and has been a professional coach for over 25 years. He is currently the Head of Physical Preparation for the Samoan Rugby Union based in Apia, Samoa. Having previously worked with three other international rugby teams (New Zealand, Australia & Scotland) and professional clubs in New Zealand (Crusaders), Japan (Panasonic) and Scotland (Edinburgh). He was awarded the NSCA Professional Coach of the Year for 2016 and holds the CSCS since 1988 as well as the RSCC*E recognising over 20 years of professional coaching.

In this episode we talk all things rugby preparation, from the good to the bad. We delve deep into how Ashley structures his preparation for his athletes both in the weight room and on the field.

This is a must listen for all coaches and Rugby players who are keen to hear what it takes to complete at an elite level.