David Graham - Ex. Pro Rugby now Strongman and Powerlifter


I have worked with Rob Coles since Easter 2014. I had never competed at any level. Since then I have won Northern Ireland powerlifting federation u93kg '3 lift' on two occasions. I have won 4 u90kg strongman competitions, placed on top 5 in u105kg strongman and qualified for Great Britain powerlifting and strongman championships. 

From a PB point of view, Rob has brought my squat from 180kg to 230kg, my bench from 150kg to 180kg and my deadlift from 220kg to 305kg. Most importantly, he has brought my atlas stone from 100kg to 180kg. 

I work with Rob online every week. He sends me a program gauged towards my specific training goals but also, my work/life balance. This is a huge help as it gives me a clear focus every week. Rob is a huge help with dietary needs, supplementation and prehab work. 

I cannot speak highly enough of Rob. When I am in London, it is a pleasure to train alongside him. He empowers his clients rather than screaming, army general style. He programs specifically to my genetics, rather than what's in this months Men's Health. Most importantly, he is realistic about the goals which a client can achieve. 

I have trophies and medals in my house which wouldn't be there without Robs help. I have hit targets well beyond my expectations and am now aiming for further National championships and beyond. Most importantly, my health, mood, aesthetics and well being have improved greatly. 

I cannot speak highly enough of Rob. Whatever your goal, whatever your job, whatever your ability-Rob will make you better, much much better.